Character Storage


Just a place for me to put down character concepts I have and idea’s that spring to my mind.

Brennen The Obfuscation of Truth Master of the Perceivable Seeker of Knowledge Embellisher of Tales and Doom of Sheep.

And his Familiar Bob who apologizes for everything.

Branam “The Fist” A Human Warrior in search of his betrothed who may not know he even exists “I viewed her from a good mile off BUT I COULD TELL WE WERE MEANT TO BE!”

Zenith Quickquill Cleric/Sorceror. A woman who seeks life outside her abby following her powers wherever they lead her.

A halfling jokingly called ripper by his friends Twin Blade Fighter/Ranger.

A Gnoll Hunter


B1tF0x B1tF0x

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